Pannolini Naturali Online includes two models, both the Misskappa along with Misskapa e-Basic.

Virtually no data attained Additionally they care about the overall health of the kids; that’s the reason, through various in-depth studies, they have managed to generate services and products which can address the most common problems. Diaper over heating, dermatitis contact with inks, petrolatum, lotions and dyes, say goodbye to each of of this with Misskappa anti inflammatory.

In addition, inks and lotions would occlude the indispensable micro-holes of these materials by which Misskappa is made, which makes the circulation of atmosphere harder and thus the maintenance of physiological temperature and humidity more difficult. For these reasons Misskappa renounces any type of dye ink and cream and is totally white.

People who utilize Pannolini Online as a result of this STUF solution could make certain of a physiological temperature and humidity of a non-contact using inks, lotions or other compounds put on the diaper or utilized in the production processes and will take advantage of an unusual absorbency. At length, Misskappa guarantees that the right absorbency speed and so a physiological spannolination and thus a not negligible economic saving (upto 6 weeks less use of diapers).

It prevents psoriasis, redness, redness and spannolination with the STUF alternative. Exclusive absorbent carpet is full of colloidal and cotton cellulose that guarantees real sweat and superior security for the whole period useful of the diaper using a physiological spannolination. Steer clear of the incorrect size and match the FLEXI system. Avoid contact with inks, petrolatums, paraffin, lotions and dyes. A total absence of chemical and possibly allergenic compounds in the skin of one’s child accredited”dermatologically tested” directly by the University of Pavia and also”no chlorine” certificate issued directly by the suppliers of raw materials. No dyes and no inks, Misskappa diapers are absolutely elastic and resalable through repositionable bands diapers to the baby.

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