Kubau GmbH expert for masonry and finishing work

Kubau GmbH expert for masonry and finishing work

Our specialist construction company turns your needs and visions into reality. Kubau GmbH has top marks in Personal or public bricklayers in addition to refurbishment orders. We mostly concentrate on quality, on-time delivery and support. We value your construction project and our tasks. We build for you with our specialists and are well prepared for the function. Whether home building or a new warehouse, our firm supports you and your building project.

We’re the professional creation of bases, experts for walls of the exterior in addition to interior walls and create and install formwork. In addition, we deal with concrete and service steelworks, and fixing of reinforcements, confronting services, Hintermauerwerk, base sole, renovation, demolition or changing, repair of building damage, thunderstorm harm and many more. With the help of modern equipment as well as formwork systems, we can make your construction project in the company industry and the private industry. Our technical skills are the engine as well as the guarantor of a successful building project.

Because of our flourishing work as a bricklayer and construction company, we work in Trockenbau Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein on various references and pleased customers. Put your construction job in appropriate hands and rely on the work of expert masons. Don’t set down anything to chance in building projects and work as one with a proficient and achievement -oriented construction firm that is in your disposal in all material suggested and solution-oriented any moment.

An excellent specialist masonry and construction company does not just construct your home but will know your eyesight. That is our upkeep to our own services and workers as a family enterprise. We join you as a customer with quality, reliability, cost-effectiveness, punctuality and satisfaction. We’re pleased to be there for you through phone and look ahead of providing you help and advice right from the start. Years of expertise, on-time delivery, enjoyment of work, and quality make up Kubau GmbH among the strongest construction partners for masonry work in the north.

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