The tradition of wearing a burka

The tradition of wearing a burka

A burka is like a vestment worn as the furthest layer, it is most common in ladies of Islamic conventions. Burka is believed to worn by ladies to cover their body and face from men. It is worn as a tradition in certain places by almost all ladies. There are still some typical people who believe women should not expose their body and face to the world. So women usually wear burka and hijab to cover them as a tradition. It is also most common in Muslim’s women when they go out of the house they use this type of clothes to cover them.

Wearing Kaftan is also seen as an affirmation of religious confidence and slants. It differs from much other religious clothing. This type of clothe is made of fabrics that cover the whole body which is joined to a skullcap. The eyes part is left open so that a person wearing this burka can see. In this type of clothing has no shape in it, it is long in length and no shape at all. This is because the shapes and shoulder or any part of the body are not seen at any cost. Some women wear this type of clothing not as a religious symbol but as a fashion. It is weaved in few conventions and comes with a wide range of collections of cotton and silk materials.

In today’s world with many fights to it ladies are free not to wear the burka and go out. There were times when ladies had to go out wearing burka anyhow. Even when ladies go to colleges they were forced to wear the burka and hide their entire body. But now changes have been brought in some places where ladies are free to wear the dress as they wish.

People started claiming that ladies wearing burkas are considered harsh and ladies should be given liberty to wear dresses according to them. So now it is clearly visible some Muslim ladies who used to wear burkas are now wearing dresses.

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